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Attending the 2012 APS conference in Washington DC.

A 20 minute video of a presentation delivered  to members of the Lifelong Learning Society. Boca Raton, Florida. November 2, 2017.

An unforgettable evening with Holocaust survivor Norman Frajman at the Holocaust Documentation and Education Center (HDEC).

My current research agenda revolves around an individual’s perception of self, and his / her surroundings.  Essentially, I explore how our thoughts impact our performance and decisions in our daily lives.  Topics in my research include aspects of academic self-concept,self-esteem, anxiety, weight status, time pressure, and bilingualism.  Published work includes the following articles:

As a secondary interest, I have explored various factors of risk-taking.

Spending time with great friends at a Best Buddies event.

The process of learning has also been of interest.  The following articles explore pure discovery learning and the physiology of the learning process.

Community Activities:

Presentations and other activities:

Presenting Memory as we Age to members of the Lifelong Learning Society (LLS) in Boca Raton.

Recent Published Work:

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