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     Greetings and welcome to my website!  The purpose of this site is to promote the field of experimental research.  As you may know, most of the technologies you use on a daily basis were realized through research.  The design of the seatbelts in your car for example, are based on extensive research that considered factors such as the potential of a moving vehicle and the structure of the human body.
     This site contains information about my own research  and service, but also research aids and presentations that I hope will increase your appreciation for research. I also hope the information on this site will motivate you to consider learning more about research and possibly taking the necessary steps to conduct your own research.  Feel free to contact me to learn more.

Successful research Includes the following:

Recent presentations on statistics

* See Research Aids and Statistics Presentations for help with these steps.

  1. Learn the skills necessary to execute a research study (Education*)
  2. Explore the Opportunities that are available within your environment
  3. Identify the Resources needed to ensure a successful study
  4. Develop*your research protocol
  5. Conduct your study (Production)
  6. Review, analyze, and share findings (Output)