Research Psychologist


Getting Started:

Contact me to schedule a conversation where we will highlight your questions and explore ways to empirically answer the questions. Questions can be in the realm of most any behavioral  phenomena.

Examples of questions relating to business:

  1. Does marketing plan A generate greater interest in our product than marketing plan B?
  2. What specific customer demographics are associated with product sales?
  3. What traits do our top sales personnel possess?
  4. Would a child care program have an influence on employee satisfaction?
  5. Would flexible work schedules improve product sales?

Examples of questions relating to personal life:

  1. What family activities can help improve my child's academic performance?
  2. How much can meditation or yoga help reduce stress?
  3. Does activity A improve my memory more than activity B?
  4. Does supplement A have a greater impact on my blood pressure than supplement B?
  5. What activities will help with the quality of my sleep?

The important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.  Albert Einstein

I was one of those kids growing up who always asked the question as to how something worked or why something was happening.  Today, I still ask those questions but now have the training and experience to answer the questions.  Through the use of various scientific methods, questions can be appropriately asked, and answered. Questions can range from how to maximize sales, operations, marketing, to behavioral questions relating to any aspect of human behavior. The best method depends on the research question and hypothesis.  Methodologies include:

Natural Observation
Survey Method
Case Study
Correlational Design
Experimental Method

Experimental Research

If you have any questions that you’ve pondered, contact me, we can discuss various methodologies available to help answer your questions.