Being selected to deliver an oral presentation at a conference is a special honor.  Take some time to review the article below (Blome et al., 2017) to gain insight into creating a truly high quality oral presentation.

Publishing your research is an important part of building your reputation as a researcher.  Author Daniel Byrne has written an exceptional book on most every aspect of getting your work published.  Select the link below to view a presentation of his book (Byrne, 2017).

A poster presentation is an extension of your work.  Be sure to take the time to create a high quality poster.  Select the link below to gain added insight into creating your poster.

Delivering a presentation entitled, Memory as We Age, at the FAU Lifelong Learning Society

Selecting an journal is another important step in getting published.  While your research may be important and innovative, you need find a journal  that  its readers would be interested in your study.  Journal Seek is a popular site that lists over 20,000 journals.  Be sure to review the Aims of journals that appear to fit your work.

Always have a set of objectives when attending a conference.  Select the link below to learn more about optimizing your time at a conference.

Research Psychologist


For medical research, you can use Journal Author Name Estimator (JANE) to find potential journals.  This is a popular site where you simple enter your abstract and the site will generate a list of potential journal names.