Understanding the basics of statistics

  1. Learn the skills necessary to execute a research study (Education*)
  2. Explore the Opportunities that are available within your environment
  3. Identify the Resources needed to ensure a successful study
  4. Develop*your research protocol
  5. Conduct your study (Production)
  6. Review, analyze, and share findings (Output)

Sharing your research with society

* See Conducting Research and Exploring  Statistics   for more information about these steps.

Disseminating your work

Conducting research

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Successful research Includes the following:

exploring statistics

Greetings and welcome to my website.  The purpose of this site is to promote the field of experimental research. 

Why is research so important?

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the real-life value of research.

This site contains information about my own research and service, but also research aids and presentations that I hope will increase your appreciation for research. I also hope the information on this site will motivate you to consider learning more about research and possibly taking the necessary steps to become a researcher.  

Research starts with a question and proposal

Research Psychologist